The 31st California Regiment welcomes to its ranks all honorably discharged service veterans and those patriotic individuals over the age of 18 who have a dedication honoring all those who serve.





Membership is open to all honorably discharged US Veterans and patriotic individuals over the age of 18.  Members are non-paid professionals, who are required to pay an initial fee and annual dues.  In addition, members are responsible for all of their own expenses including the purchase of their own equipment and providing their own transportation to and from services and monthly drills, as needed. Training is provided in ceremonial rifle drill, flag folding and presentation, Color Guard, and Standard Operating Procedures for Military Funeral Honors. Government approved firearms safety courses and other classes as stipulated by USV-A National Headquarters may also be required.





The uniform of the USV-A and its designated units is a modified US Army uniform with distinctive insignia. Our uniform does not use buttons showing the Great Seal of the Nation.  Accommodation is made to members who are US Veterans for the wearing of ribbons and awards earned during their military service – regardless of the branch in which they served. Authorized wearing of the USV-A uniform is during the performance of ceremonial duties, during training, for meetings and conferences only. Members are responsible for the purchase and upkeep  of their own military uniforms.



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